Solutions for gluten-related health disorders

Reinventing digestive enzyme therapy


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AMYRA Biotech AG

AMYRA is a Basel-based company developing innovative solutions for gluten-related health disorders.

AMYRA’s solutions stem from an interdisciplinary approach to gluten peptide digestion uniting fields such as computational biochemistry, drug delivery and analytics.

AMYRA collaborates intensively with research institutes, industry partners and healthcare professionals to advance our understanding of the role dietary protein play in gastrointestinal disorders.

The Problem

Protein digestion requires a complex interplay of enzymes that gradually cut protein into their fundamental building blocks: amino acids. In people adversely affected by dietary protein such as gluten, the body is unable to complete digestion, leading to the build-up of inflammatory peptides. Ubiquitous in our diets, these peptides can be toxic or immunogenic and are underlying triggers of pathologies such as celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

A unique approach

Innovative Research

To generate meaningful clinical data for peptide digestion, AMYRA has developed high-resolution quantitative analytics in collaboration with the Center of Drug Absorption and Transport at the University of Greifswald.

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Clinical Studies

Using unprecedented high-resolution analytics, AMYRA clinically demonstrated that its novel enzyme therapeutics swiftly and systematically digests gluten peptides into harmless amino acids.

AMYRA's Mission

To deliver safe and effective therapeutics to significantly improve quality of life for people affected by gluten-related health disorders.


Recent Updates

AMYRA successfully concludes its first in human proof of concept study with the Center of Drug Absorption and Transport (C_DAT) and the University of Greifswald. The study unequivocally demonstrates that AMYNOPEP can rapidly and exhaustively digest gluten peptides in humans, a prerequisite for preventing symptoms in affected individuals.

AMYRA partners with a team of computational scientists specialised in enzyme design to further develop and expand the applicability of its platform technology.

AMYRA has partnered with the Center of Drug Absorption and Transport (Greifswald University Hospital) for a first in human proof of concept study.