Our products focus on a complete and systematic degradation of gluten immunogenic peptides

Development Pipeline

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AMY01 - Gluten Sensitivity
In lead optimisation
AMY02 - Celiac Disease
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AMY03 - Diagnostic Tool
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Dietary supplement


Solution for non-celiac gluten sensitivity

AMYNOPEP01 is a specific combination of exopeptidases, capable of cleaving immunogenic polypeptide chains into single amino acids and dipeptides; safely metabolised digestion products that do not trigger immune responses. The enzyme combination is being developed as a dietary supplement to alleviate symptoms in people suffering from non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Whilst a range of existing products claim to digest gluten, a strict gluten-free diet is the only effective treatment for non-celiac gluten sensitivity to date. So far, several approaches have failed to target and effectively treat the underlying cause of non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, namely gluten immunogenic peptides (GIPs), which derive from incomplete digestion of gluten and trigger inflammatory immune responses.

Although commercially available enzyme supplements claim to aid the digestion of gluten protein, these claims can be misleading as GIPs underlying pathology are often the byproducts of “gluten digestion”.

Prescription Drug


Solution for celiac disease

AMYNOPEP02 is an optimized formulation of exopeptidases specifically designed for patients with celiac disease. By quickly and comprehensively degrading GIPs in the digest of gluten, AMY02 inhibits the immune generated T-cell activation, subsequent inflammations and long-term complications occurring in celiac patients whose diets are gluten-contaminated. AMY02 is being developed alongside AMY01, as a prescription drug.

Diagnostic tool



AMYRA is developing a simple and effective diagnostic tool able to assess gluten digestion in adversely affected individuals.